The Nature of Paros

Faithful travelers to Greece know that it isn’t possible to truly get to know its mountains and forests without visiting them in summer, and no one can have a complete picture of the nature of the Cyclades without visiting villages and beaches in winter and spring, even for a few days.


Villages, settlements and secluded dwellings dot the gentle hills and plains of the island and are well worth visiting. Leave your car at the entrance and walk along their narrow streets.

 Beaches near to Parikia 

Krios beach is to the north of the port of Paros. Just 2 kilometers from Parikia, it offers all the amenities of an organized beach, natural shade under the big sea pines near the shore, and calm, cold water (underground streams change the temperature). A small pier at one end of the beach is perfect for diving, particularly for young swimmers. Krios is accessible by boat from Parikia.

Marcello is the next beach after Krios. It is long and sandy, with a few sea pines and all the facilities of an organized beach. Just 2.5 kilometers from the port, it is accessible by boat from Parikia.

Kaminia is the third consecutive beach at the north end of Parikia bay, and is located near Agios Fokas. It is sandy with natural shade under the trees.

Agios Fokas
Agios Fokas is small sandy beach with a few sea pines, which took its name from the church overlooking the waves. It is located on the northern edge of the bay of Parikia, after Kaminia and near the cave of Archilochus.

Livadia is a long sandy beach, perfect for visitors staying in and around Parikia. It essentially extends north of the old port and is organized, with sunbeds, umbrellas, showers and cabanas for changing, as well as many café-bars and taverns for a meal, mini markets and other amenities. There are also many options for beach sports enthusiasts. It is the ideal solution for those staying in one of the many hotels and rooms for rent just off the main road.

Souvlia or Delfini
Souvlia is a small, beautiful, sandy, triangular beach, with a few sea pines facing north. It is located 2 kilometres from Parikia on a downhill road to the right off the road leading south to the airport. Some facilities are available, including a few restaurants, cafés and hotels.

Parasporos is located just 2.5 kilometers from Parikia, below the main road to the south. It is a long, wide, sandy beach with large sea pines. There are many sunbeds and umbrellas and a large expanse of open space. Although Parasporos is popular and cosmopolitan, it remains relatively unspoiled. Food and drink is available directly on the beach.

Agia Irini
Agia Irini is a closed bay with a narrow sandy beach facing northwest and is located 4 kilometers south of Parikia. It is characterized by the tall pine trees and fine golden sand that lend it an exotic feel. There is a small tavern on the beach, which offers shade and a meal to bathers.