Paros, the island of adventure. The ideal place to engage in sports activities. We have the perfect climate, infrastructure, facilities and the best people to inspire you! Adventure awaits!


Paros is the Island of the wind, sea currents and international fans of water sports. The sea passages between Paros and Naxos and Paros and Antiparos ensure it is a No. 1 destination. The welcoming, sandy beaches are in high demand! The summer winds are gladly received by sport lovers. Try windsurfing in Santa Maria, Chryssi Akti, Tsoukalia, Kolybithres and Pounta (opposite Antiparos). Each beach has its own degree of difficulty, which varies according to the winds blowing in the area. Windsufing schools offer equipment and training.


The strait between Paros and Antiparos at Pounta Beach is paradise for kitesurfers. The beach on the west of Paros is preferred by kitesurfers because of the favorable winds in the area. The international kitesurfing competition is held there. The sky fills with colorful kites. Kitesurfers from all over the world gather there and demonstrate their racing skills. It is a spectacular sight as athletes perform elaborate stunts between the sea and the sky with the help of the wind!

Scuba Diving

The main scuba diving destinations include the reefs at Prasonisi and Dryonisi in Pyrgaki Bay, as well as the underwater gorge in Akro Makronisi and the Beaufighter and Marianna wrecks. Discover a new world under the sea! The Beaufighter was a British World War II bomber that was shot down. It is still in very good condition and is an unforgettable dive. The Marianna is a commercial vessel that sank in 1981 after hitting a reef, and is a memorable experience for visitors. Fortunately, there were no casualties in either wreck. The sea is full of surprises such as cave at Panteronisi, a fantastic underwater cave with stalactites, where divers can remove their mask and admire the magnificence of nature. The Trypiti reef also leads to a cave. Amazing places with another life unfurl before your eyes: impressive, peaceful and gorgeous. Rockfish, octopus and schools of small fish, sponges and anemones. Magical images in the vast silence of the deep.


Paros has a hiking trail network of approximately 35 km. Hikers will encounter houses, small stone sustainable farm houses, lime, clay, reeds, and seaweed - proof that the simple can also be beautiful. More windmills, watermills, wheel wells, wells, cisterns, threshing floors, and pigeon houses than you could count. Some are organized and well marked, others are old and exciting and some are ideal for adventure lovers. The hiking trails of Paros are a real revelation, even for skeptics. Set prejudice aside and devote yourself to exploration - put a pen to paper and then implement your plans.

For Kids

Paros is the quintessential recreation area for children! They will discover dozens of games and sports on the beaches of the island, as well as many other activities. Some are simple and traditional, like cycling. Visitors fortunate enough to visit the island when special sports events are held, can watch their children participate in a cycling tour of Parikia, which is organized by the Cultural Development Organisation of Paros and the Paros Cycling Club. Children can also take swimming, sailing, tennis, horseback riding and diving lessons, and can work off some energy on the water slides! All activities mentioned above are reasonably priced, while the joy they offer is boundless!